5 Ways to Earn Money by Traveling

5 Ways to Earn Money by Traveling

Nowadays traveling can make money/money is not just wishful thinking. Because many people have proven it. If you are curious about how to earn money by traveling, keep reading the information below until completion! Because it will be very useful, especially for people who like traveling, as follows:

1. Write Articles on Online Media

If you have a hobby of writing blogs and love traveling, then the opportunity to earn money is increasingly open. How can you do this? It’s easy, pour your traveling experience into your blog. Write with a language style that can attract readers. Then, register the blog to Google Adsense. With this effort, the opportunity to earn money from the blog is wide open.

2. Write a Book

Almost the same as before, but this time the medium is different. Books with traveling themes and interesting things will never run out of fans. This is because there are still people who are curious about the many tourist attractions in this world. Of course, pouring traveling experiences into a book can be a good prospect in the world of writing.

For example, ancient travelers are known today for passing on their experiences in the form of writing. Today’s writers can do the same. What if you don’t get accepted by a publisher? Don’t worry. Try self-publishing. Through self-publishing, the author can freely determine the cover, price, and marketing system independently.

3. Upload Traveling Videos to Social Media

Apart from writing, making videos can also be used as a way to earn money by traveling. Whether it’s a documentary video or a vlog. If the traveling video is interesting and educational, upload it to social media such as Instagram, YouTube, and so on. The more people who watch, the more opportunities to earn money.

If a social media account already has a loyal audience, many visitors, and subscribers, it has the potential to attract travel agents. So that travelers can establish mutually beneficial cooperation with these travel agents. How can you do this? Easy. Make educational videos that are unique, funny, and interesting, then create descriptions and keywords, so that they have a great chance of appearing in search engines.

4. Open a Custody Service

Before leaving, travelers can also offer entrustment services to relatives or other people. The items offered are of course those in the destination tourist attractions such as accessories, special foods, and others. For example, a traveler wants to go to Bali, so offer to people who want to buy original Balinese accessories. Taking advantage of the moment to offer item storage services can sometimes be very profitable.

However, don’t set the price carelessly. Set a selling price and a buying price that is not too expensive. Usually, the relevant profit is around 10-30 percent of the price of the goods purchased so as not to burden. By doing this, traveling is even more meaningful, because while doing business and helping people.

5. Sell Traveling Photos

A trip or vacation to an exotic area feels less if it is not immortalized in the form of photos. Therefore, take pictures of every moment during your vacation. However, instead of just being a memory, it’s better to be a source of additional income too. The trick is to sell the results of the portrait to the photo buying and selling platform.

To do this, when traveling, make the photos as good as possible. The cooler the resulting photos, of course, the opportunity to get money from buying and selling photos will be wide open. To support the quality of photography, as a basis, buy equipment such as a sophisticated camera for maximum results. In addition, master the photo editing technique, in order to further enhance the results.

Those are 5 ways to earn money by traveling. There are actually many other ways that can be used. But the ones mentioned above are the easiest. All of these methods require skills such as writing, video editing, trading, and photography. Therefore, continue to upgrade your skills so that your income opportunities increase.

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